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What is Taskforcing®?


If you were to change 3 things in your organization overnight, what would they be?


Fashion / Shoes
Analysis of the Actual State of Affairs / Restructuring
Researching full market & competition; analysis of organizational weaknesses; Strategy & Action plan. Liquidation of existing organization, complete build-up of new operations

Complex restructuring of a large pharmaceutical wholesaler
All company aspects (Organizational structure, Marketing & Sales, Finance, Production, Quality Control, Purchasing, EDP); Diagnosis, Strategy, Action Plan, Implementation
Business Diagnosis & Planning; Restructuring

Department Stores
Human Resource Development; Training
Client Orientation / Customer Satisfaction; large-scale, across board HR intervention for Germany’s No 1 department store

Durable Consumer Goods
Feasibility Study & Policy Advise
Exporting of wood products; market potential and elaboration of export strategy for leading Finnish SME. Establishment of marketing channels

Build-up of cruise line; high-end market
Organization, IS Strategy, human resources, marketing & sales
Business Planning & Implementation. Valuation & Sale

National Market leader; specialized event manager & database services.  Entire restructuring; IT, Human Resources Reëngineering, Marketing & Sales, Management Development.  Redesign of Business Processes, Business Diagnosis, Business Planning & Implementation


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