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What is Taskforcing®?


If you were to change 3 things in your organization overnight, what would they be?


Across Sectors
Assistance to the RPC for the Restructuring of Key Russian Enterprises
Restructuring of key Russian enterprises, in order to allow them to operate successfully within a market economy; under a program of the European Commission

Optimization of Supply Chain
Streamlining of supplier base; network management, warehousing.  Critical Mass concept; national centralization vs regional decentralization

Value Chain Integration for regional market leader
Customer Satisfaction; performance improvement across the supply chain; full supplier integration

Across Sectors
Business Upgrading of 12 medium-sized companies across sectors; under a program of the European Commission

Durable Consumer Goods
Optimization of the entire Value Chain
Diagnosis, Strategy, Action Plan, Implementation, Management Training

Analysis of the Actual State of Affairs / Restructuring of SMEs
Researching full market & competition; analysis of organizational weaknesses; Strategy & Action plan for new value chain lay-out

Project Management – Logistics
Injection of relevant PM tools; structuring of project.  Know-how transfer

Across Sectors
Restructuring of medium-to-large enterprises
Complex Restructuring as well as stand-alone interventions for regional companies across sectors, including Strategic Investor search; under a program of the World Bank


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