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What is Taskforcing®?


If you were to change 3 things in your organization overnight, what would they be?


In Short



The Company
Headquarters of the Capital EU network :  Turnaround Artists
Distinguishing Marks : Taskforcing®; Cashflow Regeneration


The Partners
Peter DASSEN - Dr Bernard BELLOT - Wilfried KAYSER

The Mission
» Stabilize Operations (buy time)
» Restructure Processes (ensure survival)
» Implement & Manage (prepare for growth)

The Platform
» Optimize Processes (streamline)
» Regenerate Liquidity (ensure viability)
» Reduce Cost (increase returns)
» Deploy IT Technologies (reduce complexity)
» Foster Core Competencies (regroup & focus)
» Manage Growth (adapt structures)

The Model
Very powerful method to foster the human capital, improve internal communications and ensure rapid implementation of the project landscape
Rapid Transformation
Highly modern team techniques; combining the internal creativity pool with external know-how
High Impact Process (HIP®)
Integration of all optimization factors; application of most potent measures

The Remuneration
Success Orientation


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