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USA: Bill of Wrongs (12/13/15 17:42)

Amendments to the Bill of Rights; practically already in place at this time.

USA: Land of the Free (12/13/15 17:16)

The Orwellian content of the FBI's so-called "National Security Letters" laid bare.

... and a Third Squid ... (12/13/15 17:09)

In the wake of the events of September 11th and the proliferation of war throughout the Middle East, the power and influence of the Carlyle Group have grown to equal that of Goldman Sachs or Blackrock.

Capitalism as We Know it: Another Squid on the Rise (11/30/15 12:14)

In Brussels, there is one industry that is thriving better than just about any other: the bailout business.

Geopolitics: Erdoğan's Dangerous Games (11/30/15 12:11)

Ahmet Davutoğlu’s famous “Zero Problems With Neighbors” foreign policy has been turned into massive problems with all neighbours due to the foolish ambitions of Erdoğan and his gang.

Russia: Tangled Threads (11/30/15 12:08)

Official Washington’s many false narratives about Russia and Syria have gotten so tangled that they have become a danger to the struggle against Sunni jihadist terrorism and conceivably a threat to the future of the planet.

Eurozone: Natixis on Brexit (11/30/15 12:06)

The scaremongering is about the EU and not the UK. It isn’t about the economy, which would be fine on either side of the Channel, but about political power, about the EU’s “economic and diplomatic weight” in the world, and about the size and power of the bureaucracy in Brussels.

Global Crisis: Where to Begin? (11/18/15 12:09)

Brutal news from everywhere.

Capitalism at its Best: A Race to the Bottom (11/18/15 12:07)

The text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership can now be viewed by the public, thanks to the New Zealand government, and it is every bit as bad as activists have been warning.

Eurozone: Number of the Week (11/18/15 12:04)

The 60-second summary ... 

Global Crisis: Industrial Depression (11/09/15 19:22)

Watch this auction down under where machines such as a Caterpillar 992C wheel loader, which normally costs A$ 2.9 million, can now be bought for just A$ 15,000, a 99% discount.

USA: Wimp Nation (02) (11/09/15 19:20)

In a time where US students are offended by pretty much everything, one professor decided to cut through the rhetoric and let his students know that they aren’t the special snowflakes liberals and their parents would have them believe.

Finance: A Brief History (11/09/15 19:15)

A brief history on how the Federal Reserve became the undemocratic, corrupt and destructive force it is today.

China: GDP Mirage (11/01/15 14:10)

Among other things, China habitually understates inflation for domestic output which means that "real" GDP is probably less "real" than nominal GDP.

Currencies: Shrinking Marketshare (11/01/15 14:07)

The European single currency’s share of global transactions has dramatically shrunk in the last two years, from 40% in January, 2013, to 27% today. Europe’s share of global earnings has halved from just over 40% in 2009 to just over 20% today. It’s hardly what you’d call a success story.

USA: Wimp Nation (11/01/15 14:05)

"The United States has become a nation of weak, pampered, easily frightened, helpless milquetoasts who have never caught a fish, fired a gun, chopped a log, hitchhiked across the country, or been in a schoolyard fight. If their cat dies, they call a grief therapist. Everything frightens Americans."  Fred on Everything

Eurocrazy: Crossing the Rubicon (11/01/15 14:02)

Portugal has entered dangerous political waters. For the first time since the creation of Europe’s monetary union, a member state has taken the explicit step of forbidding eurosceptic parties from taking office on the grounds of national interest.

Global Finance: Watch Out Moody's (10/24/15 18:17)

Wall Street’s ability to be the home of the only dominant “global” rating agencies has been one of the most effective weapons of financial warfare in the Wall Street arsenal. Now an answer to the Moody’s-Standard & Poors-Fitch US rating monopoly is coming.

USA: Rotten Bureaucracies (10/24/15 18:14)

"US federal agencies don’t work. They are rotted by affirmative action. The bureaucrats are inattentive, unaccountable, anonymous, can’t be fired, and get paid whether they do their jobs or not. Congress is not interested."  Fred on Everything

Spain: The Real "Wirtschaftswunder" (10/24/15 18:11)

Six nagging facts about Spain's "recovery".

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