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USA: Beacon of Democracy (01/17/16 17:01)

"American justice is a joke. It does not exist. You can see this in the American prison population. 'Freedom and Democracy' America not only has the largest percentage of its population in prison than any country on the planet, but also the largest number of prisoners."  Paul Craig Roberts

Econ101: Keynesian Economics (01/09/16 11:56)

Everything under control. What could possibly go wrong?

D&G: Prescription for 2016 (01/09/16 11:54)

Dmitry Orlov has an interesting point on possibly the best anti-crisis measure.

Investing: The Next Big Short (01/09/16 11:50)

Amazon’s US$ 325 billion valuation is just plain irrational exuberance having one last fling. Spasms like this year US$ 180 billion gain on the AMZN ticker or the US$ 190 billion gain on the GOOG account are absolutely reminiscent of the final days before the tech wreck exactly 15 years ago.

USA: Land of the Free (01/09/16 11:48)

15 news stories from 2015 you should have heard about but probably didn’t.

(Recent) History Reclaimed: End of Civilizations (01/09/16 11:46)

Historically, capitalism was justified on the grounds that it guaranteed the efficient use of society’s resources. Profits were a sign that resources were being used to maximize social welfare, and losses were a sign of inefficient resource use. This is no longer the case.

Trivia: Dangerous Lives (01/09/16 11:43)

10 things (much) more likely to kill you than Islamic terror.

Aviation: Another Bubble Bursts (01/01/16 15:11)

Delta is buying a 10-year old Boeing 777-200ER at US$ 7.7MM; the list price is US$ 277M. In other words, at 97.2% lower than the value of a new one.

USA: Land of Plenty (01/01/16 15:07)

Half the country is either living in poverty or damn near close to it.

Investing: When to Buy Stocks (01/01/16 15:05)

A grotesque world ...

Currencies: The World's Strangest ... (01/01/16 15:02)

The path to finding the best money has been long and riddled with trial and error.

Global Finance: Worst Year for IPOs since 2009 (01/01/16 15:00)

US$ 28.7 billion in IPOs were booked in the US in 2015, down 48% from 2014, and by that measure “their worst year since 2009.”

Eurozone: Finland Wants Out (01/01/16 14:58)

Finland's foreign minister would prefer that his country never had joined the Euro.

USA: Uncle Sam's Father (12/22/15 14:09)

Presented without comment.

Season's Greetings (12/22/15 14:07)

The Devil's Holiday Letter

O&G: What Happens in the Atlantic Ocean (12/22/15 14:03)

"The idea is to keep tankers on the water as long as you can and try to find a stronger market."  Energy trader talking to Reuters

USA: Crumbling Empire (12/22/15 14:00)

Once upon a time, middle class households took home 62 percent of all income in America. Today, that number has dropped to just 43 percent.

Financial Crisis: A Riot in the Casino (12/13/15 17:58)

"After one pretension, delusion, head fake and forecasting error after another, the denizens of the Eccles Building have painted themselves into the most dangerous monetary corner in history. They have left themselves no alternative except to provoke a riot in the casino - the very outcome that has filled them with fear and dread all these years."  David Stockman

USA: Land of Plenty (12/13/15 17:54)

America’s 20 wealthiest people — a group that could fit comfortably in one single Gulfstream G650 luxury jet— now own more wealth than the bottom half of the American population combined, a total of 152 million people in 57 million households.

(Recent) History Reclaimed: How History Gets Manipulated (12/13/15 17:50)

What one learns in school is a partial, cartoon version of history. One learns what made the power players look good, and no more.

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