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O&G: A New Oil Shock? (01/31/16 12:40)

Respected commenter F. William Engdahl postulates that the world is in for another big oil shock.

Global Crisis: Wave of Epic Defaults (01/31/16 12:33)

"The situation is worse than it was in 2007. Our macroeconomic ammunition to fight downturns is essentially all used up."  William White, formerly Bank for International Settlements

Hightech: There'll Be Blood (01/31/16 12:29)

“Things have been frothy, and you see a lot of dumb money. The music’s going to stop and not a lot of people will have a chair.”  Philippe Suchet, 500 Startups

USA: The War on Free Speech (01/24/16 17:37)

"Many Americans have become fearfully polite, careful to avoid offense, and largely unwilling to be labeled intolerant, hateful, closed-minded or any of the other toxic labels that carry a badge of shame today. We’ve come to prize civility over freedom. Most of all, too many Americans, held hostage by their screen devices and the talking heads on television, have lost the ability to think critically."  John W. Whitehead

The New Normal: War on Cash (01/24/16 17:35)

When the dust has settled it will become clear who ultimately benefits by this war on cash - government and the central banks, pure and simple.

Shipping: Rates in Free Fall (01/24/16 17:31)

It is now cheaper to rent a dry bulk vessel than a Ferrari.

USA: Defeat Is Victory (01/24/16 17:28)

"This is not an exceptional nation, not an indispensable nation, but a defeated one. Defeated by their own hands, mind you, because nobody particularly went out of their way to defeat them. They showed up to get beaten, over and over again, until they got what they came for."  Dmitry Orlov

USA: Masters of Hypocrisy (01/24/16 17:26)

The US Director of National Intelligence has been instructed by Congress to begin a major review into Russia’s “clandestine” funding of EU parties over the last decade.

Shipping: The BDI and Global Trade (01/24/16 17:24)

With the Baltic Dry Index plumbing new record lows, how long until central banks realize that for all their omnipotence and all their attempts to restore growth, inflation and the "wealth effect" they never mastered, will they be able to "print trade"?

USA: Empire in Decay (01/24/16 17:21)

Recent estimates by the American Society of Civil Engineers put America’s national infrastructure deficit in excess of $3.6 trillions required for building or replacing antiquated water systems, electricity power lines, highways, rail lines, sewer systems. That includes more than 10% of all bridges defective, one third of national highways, airports and runways.

Capitalism at its Best: Trickle-up Effect (01/24/16 17:18)

62 individuals had the same wealth as 3.5 billion people, the bottom half of the global population. The wealth of the most affluent rose 44 percent since 2010 to $1.76 trillion, while the wealth of the bottom half fell 41 percent.

History Reclaimed: The World’s Most Famous Case of Hyperinflation (01/24/16 17:14)

Part 2

Quote of the Day (01/20/16 16:51)

"Davos fiddles while global markets burn".  Bill Gross, Janus Capital

Geopolitics: Iran Wants War (01/20/16 11:35)

Presented without comment

Currencies: The Bitcoin Obituaries (01/17/16 17:24)

Bitcoin has supposedly died (or will die soon) 88 times.

History Reclaimed: The World’s Most Famous Case of Hyperinflation (01/17/16 17:21)

The world’s most famous hyperinflation event, which took place in Germany from 1921 and 1924, was a financial calamity that led millions of people to have their savings erased.

Investing: Amazon and the "FANGs" (01/17/16 17:19)

Throughout its 25-year history as a public stock, AMZN has delivered a cumulative total of $1.9 billion in net income to shareholders. Jeff Bezos made $16 billion on AMZN stock in 2014.

USA: Empire of Chaos (01/17/16 17:15)

"The state of our nation under Obama has become more bureaucratic, more debt-ridden, more violent, more militarized, more fascist, more lawless, more invasive, more corrupt, more untrustworthy, more mired in war, and more unresponsive to the wishes and needs of the electorate. Most of all, the government, already diabolical and manipulative to the nth degree, has mastered the art of 'do what I say and not what I do' hypocrisy.  John Whitehead

Weekend "Humour" (01/17/16 17:12)

They want to 'supervise' Poland again; meaning 'control'.

O&G: Will the Monopoly be Broken? (01/17/16 17:07)

Russia has taken significant steps that could break the present Wall Street oil price monopoly.

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