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What is Taskforcing®?


If you were to change 3 things in your organization overnight, what would they be?


What can you do for us?

We have a track record in turnaround & restructuring for more than 20 years and have gathered enormous experience in dealing with every conceivable issue faced by today’s management.  This includes, among others, managing liquidity and related crises for which we have designed our Rapid Response Package (RRP®).  Do not hesitate to contact us for a detailed description & explanation.

How do you define “Turnaround”?

Turnaround is a one-stop solution covering the entire restructuring process up to making the company once again a major player in its market(s).  This includes operational & balance sheet restructuring, normalization of debt repayments to the lender, regeneration of RoI to the investor, financial engineering, survival strategies at asset level in the widest sense; and the provision of operational management.

This is a very wide field. How can you handle it all?

We are only concerned with the “hot spots” within this value chain.  Our highly focused Diagnostic Audit ferries out all inefficiencies during the early phases of the project.  This means that we can concentrate on what is important to you and to ensure the highest impact/cost ratio which in turn will guaranty very fast payback for you.

Is your work technical or conceptual?

We comprise both capabilities. Our background has been in restructuring and turnaround major companies in a wide range of sectors.  This experience & know-how allows us to address the very difficult issues posed by today’s challenging environment.

What is Taskforcing®?

Taskforcing® is a powerful solution-finding and implementation tool, which assures a high propensity of strategy and action plan realization.  At the same time, this tool increases motivational levels throughout the organization.

How will you assist us with implementing your optimization plans?

It is true that we are entrepreneurial advisers & managers and therefore shall stay with the client well into implementation.  What is more, we shall also provide operational management so that turnaround success will be ensured for the longer-term.  We can offer this for 3 reasons.  First, all our senior experts have management experience and therefore know from their own background what it means to sit on the other side of the table.  Second, our Taskforcing® concept ensures that a non-hierarchical, process-oriented project structure is put in place as soon as possible.  This structure will become independent from us long before we leave and therefore will continue the implementation work without us.  Finally, our pool of seasoned interim managers will provide functional & operational executives to stay with the firm as long as necessary.

How much time will pass before we see the benefits of your work?

Usually quite fast, in particular where liquidity and cost are concerned.  In order to become a strong player able to withstand present market pressures, it is liquidity above all that needs to be improved.  With our work on re-sizing inventory and speeding up throughput, that is exactly what will happen.  Therefore, first results are usually being felt in less than 3 months.

What do you mean by “Project Landscape”?

This term depicts the totality of projects that can be defined within the timeframe available for the project. Of all these potential projects, we shall select those that have the greatest possible benefit to you within the shortest possible time.

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